The purpose of the Hackingfordevs blog is to spread awareness about cyber security to developers.

The longer version

Moving from software development to cyber security made me realize that the security awareness among developers is lacking. Constant push toward functionality delivery seems like a good idea at first, but the unseen qualities of the product tend to be forgotten. What is built too fast, will also break too fast.

The world is constantly moving forward, creating new problems and giving life to new technology. Problems call for new ideas, new ideas give birth to new tech, new tech opens up new possibilities, and new possibilities cause more problems. As pointless as it may seem to some, this paradox is very rewarding to true problem solvers.

As engineers, we are required to strive toward high quality infrastructure and products for generations to come as the previous generations did for us as well. We should be able to predict the future, to be capable of doing compromises where necessary. The aim of the Hackingfordevs blog is not to give you a moral lecture on good and evil, but to offer you an insight into how things work, so you can make better design decisions. Breaking things is an opportunity for learning - it is developing in reverse.

Cyber security is important for a well functioning economy and society!

Cyber security is not something that big bad capitalists utilize to protect their wealth, rather something that keeps the economy and society functioning. We, the human beings, are irrational by nature: biased, mean, arrogant, selfish and prone to making mistakes. The security serves to protect the systems we create from ourselves, to keep them functioning as they were designed to function.


The content on Hackingfordevs blog is NOT illegal and is made for educational purposes.

You can read about and try out experiments and posts you find here as you would like, however be careful. Misconfiguration could cause you to unknowingly affect others or break laws. ALWAYS be sure that you’re operating within legal boundaries; double check who your experiments affect and laws that apply to the environment you live in or target. I’m not responsible in any way for any activities you do.